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Orlando Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

An accident can occur to anyone at any time, usually when least expected. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016 there were an estimated 6,296,000 police reported traffic crashes, in which 32,166 people were killed and 1,715,000 people were injured. Accident victims included drivers of vehicles involved in automobile and trucking accidents where another driver was at fault, passengers in automobile or trucking accidents whose driver or the driver of another vehicle was to blame, motorcyclists hit by motorists, and pedestrians hit by vehicles. Unfortunately, accident victims often sustain serious and catastrophic injuries that result in permanent disabilities or even death. They typically incur expenses related to the accident, such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, medication, or lost income due to their inability to work. They may also lose the ability to perform various activities of normal daily living, in both the short and long term, and may endure pain and suffering as a result of the accident. Accident victims may be entitled to compensation for these expenses, contact our experienced Orlando motor vehicle accident lawyers today.

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You or someone you know may be dealing with the overwhelming burden of medical treatment, household and medical bills, concerns about lost wages or the loss of your car at a time when you need to focus on rebuilding your life. Within days or possibly even hours of the accident, you may be approached by a representative of the insurance company and asked to make a statement, sign papers, or accept a settlement offer. It is vital that you do not talk to any insurance investigator, sign any papers, or accept a settlement before getting the advice of an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer in order to protect your right to fair compensation. It is important to know that insurance companies have a team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys whose goal is to minimize the amount of money that they pay to accident victims. Many injuries caused by accidents have long-term consequences that they simply do not account for. Contact Israoui Law and allow our experience to go to work for you.

Contact Experienced Orlando Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Today

At Israoui Law, we are dedicated to representing the injured – not insurance companies. We work side by side with you to ease the worry of having to fill out forms, request information, and speak to insurance adjusters. We allow you to focus on what is most important – getting well and recovering from your loss. At Israoui Law, we understand your concerns and will do our best to ease your burdens. We will dedicate the necessary resources to ensure that you are adequately represented and your rights are protected. Our Orlando motor vehicle accident lawyers welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your loved ones with regard to any potential case. There is never any charge for an initial consultation and we are happy to schedule appointments at your home, in a hospital or at a location that is convenient for you. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. If for any reason there is no recovery, then we receive no fees or costs. Simply stated, we are paid fees and costs only if you win.

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