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Alafaya Insurance Claims Lawyer

Insurers are required by law to treat their clients fairly and honestly. While many insurance providers are careful to abide by these rules, an alarming number do not. Whether this takes the form of a failure to approve or pay out a valid claim or a general refusal to operate in good faith, insurers that exhibit this type of behavior can be held liable by wronged consumers.

Insurance disputes tend to arise at the worst possible times, usually after a person has suffered a serious physical loss. Having someone on your side who can help protect your legal interests can make all the difference in these cases, so if you recently filed a claim with your own provider and haven’t received a response, or your claim was denied outright, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced Alafaya insurance claims lawyers for help.

Auto Insurance Claims

Florida drivers are required to obtain at least $10,000 in Property Damage Liability (PDL) coverage and $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policies to cover the cost of treating car accident-related injuries and repairing crash-related property damage. These are only the minimum requirements, so many drivers choose to obtain additional coverage, such as bodily injury liability policies, uninsured motorist coverage, and comprehensive policies.

Florida is a no-fault state, so when involved in a car accident policyholders must first submit their claim to their own insurer, regardless of who caused the crash, at which point, insurers are supposed to pay 80 percent of medical bills and 60 of lost wages. In the event that the limits of these policies are exceeded, injured parties must often look to their medical payments insurance policies, or attempt to recover the remainder of their losses by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Unfortunately, these negotiations often prove tense, with one or both insurers denying responsibility for a claim, in which case, an experienced attorney can make all the difference in whether the parties can reach a settlement.

Life Insurance Claims

Many people purchase life insurance policies to ensure that their loved ones are provided for in the event of the policyholder’s untimely death. Unfortunately, these claims are not always approved even when valid, which can leave a policyholder’s surviving relatives in dire financial straits. In other cases, delays in investigating the claim and requests for additional documentation and sworn statements can essentially act as a denial. However, failing to conduct an investigation in a timely manner is a violation of state law, as is denying a claim in bad faith, meaning that wronged policyholders can hold insurers that are operating in bad faith responsible for their actions.

Property Insurance Claims

Florida is notorious for its violent storms and devastating hurricanes, which regularly wreak havoc on home and business properties across the state. Fortunately, many property owners have property insurance, which can help pay for damage caused by covered perils, like fires, vandalism, and storms, as well as injuries suffered on the property owner’s premises. It’s important to note, however, that many policies contain a variety of exclusions and deductibles that can make it difficult to actually obtain compensation for covered losses, in which case, property owners may need the help of an experienced lawyer who can protect their interests.

Free Case Evaluation

If you need help with your own insurance claim, please call our experienced Alafaya insurance claims legal team at Israoui Law at 407-381-4529 today.

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