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Alafaya Negligent Security Lawyer

In Florida, property owners who invite others on to their premises are required to take certain steps to ensure that the property is safe for those visitors, which includes protecting visitors from criminal activity. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to take appropriate measures when it comes to providing adequate security, such as installing video surveillance on their premises or providing proper lighting. It is, however, possible for individuals who find themselves the victim of a crime that could have been prevented, to recover compensation for their losses by filing a negligent security claim against the at-fault property owner. To learn more about filing this type of civil claim, please call one of our experienced Alafaya negligent security lawyers today.

Property Owner Duties

Property owners who invite others on to their premises, especially for business purposes, must take steps to protect visitors from becoming the victims of a foreseeable crime. The level of security that a property owner is required to provide, however, isn’t always the same. A business located in a high crime area, for example, where crimes of theft and assault had been committed before, would be required to take more precautionary measures than would a business located in a safe area that doesn’t have a history of criminal activity.

Similarly, the size of the property and the type of business being run on it will also play a role in determining a property owner’s responsibility towards visitor security. For instance, banks, which handle large amounts of cash and other valuables, are required to hire security guards and to install professional grade security cameras and silent alarms on their premises. Gas stations, on the other hand, while not requiring the same kinds of safety measures as banks, do have to have an adequate security camera system in place and must install adequate lighting in the parking lot. Hotels and apartment buildings, which often see a high volume of visitors are also required to have secure and well-lit parking lots. Owners of retail stores, parking garages, college campuses, and restaurants are also held to a higher standard than private property owners when it comes to providing their guests with adequate security.

Establishing Negligent Security

Those who become victims of a crime while on someone else’s property could be entitled to compensation for related losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, the replacement of stolen items, and emotional distress. However, to recover these losses, the injured party in question must be able to prove that:

  • The property owner did not take reasonable steps to keep its premises safe; and
  • The type of injury suffered by the plaintiff was foreseeable.

Of these elements, the latter is perhaps the most important and usually involves a thorough analysis of crime rates in the area where the injury occurred, as well as whether the business in question had experienced similar crimes in the past. Injured parties will also only be eligible for compensation if they file a negligent security claim within four years of the date of the criminal act.

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