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Alafaya Trip & Fall Lawyer

Unlike slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents occur not when someone slips (usually on a liquid substance or slippery surface), but actually trips, either over an object or uneven flooring, stumbles and falls. Whether a slip or a trip, someone who falls and is injured on another person’s property could be entitled to compensation for related medical bills and lost wages if that individual can prove that the property owner’s negligence contributed to or caused the accident. For help filing your own premises liability claim, please contact our experienced Alafaya trip & fall lawyers today.

Where do Trip and Fall Accidents Occur Most Often?

Trip and fall accidents, unlike their slip and fall counterparts, aren’t especially common in locations where there are slippery floors or there is a higher chance of spilling food or drink. Instead, trip and fall accidents tend to occur in places with poor lighting, loose rugs or carpets, broken or uneven flooring, obstructed walkways, or potholes.

Who is Responsible for Trip and Fall Accidents?

Property owners, whether private homeowners, government agencies, landlords, or commercial property owners, are required to take reasonable care to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. This includes a requirement to conduct routine inspections of a property, make maintaining and repairing those premises a priority, and ensuring that a property is free of dangerous hazards. In the event that a dangerous condition cannot be immediately repaired, the owner still has a responsibility to post proper signage alerting visitors of its existence.

Property owners who fail to fulfill these responsibilities can be held liable by individuals who are injured as a result. Common trip and fall injuries include neck and back injuries, as well as injuries to the knees, elbows, and wrists. In serious cases, a person may even strike his or her head upon falling, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

What to do if You’re Injured in a Trip and Fall Accident

Although it may not seem like a priority at the time of a trip and fall accident, victims should start thinking about collecting evidence (only after they have obtained medical help if necessary). This could include taking pictures of the scene of the accident, taking notes about the exact location, date, and time of the accident, and writing down the contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident occur. An experienced legal team can then use this information to obtain eyewitness testimony, recover video recordings of the accident, and speak with the property owner about similar incidents that had occurred on the property on prior occasions, all of which can be used to help provide proof of negligence.

Experienced Trip and Fall Lawyers in Alafaya

Trip and fall injuries can be serious, often requiring months of treatment and rehabilitation, which can wreak havoc on the finances of victims and their families. To learn more about your potential recovery options after this type of accident, please reach out to our experienced Alafaya trip and fall lawyers at Israoui Law by calling our office at 407-381-4529 today.

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