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Conway Life Insurance Lawyer

The loss of a loved one is always hard. It is particularly tragic when it occurs due to an unexpected accident in which the actions of others are to blame. In the aftermath, life insurance policies the victim had in place can help to ensure your family is provided for. Unfortunately, it can come as a shock when the insurance company either denies or disputes your claim. As an experienced Conway life insurance lawyer, Israoui Law is here to help in this situation. We act as a strong ally on your side, helping you get the life insurance benefits you deserve.

Our Conway Life Insurance Lawyer Protects You Against Unfair Insurance Practices

The death of a loved one can happen for a variety of reasons. In addition to unexpected illnesses and chronic health conditions, fatalities due to car crashes and other types of accidents are unfortunately common. In the aftermath, there may be life insurance benefits that you are entitled to. While no amount of money can make up for your loss or ease your suffering, these benefits can help to ensure you are provided for in a way your loved one would have wanted.

Unfortunately, in addition to everything else you are dealing with, you could face challenges from the insurance company in collecting these benefits. While the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) advises that insurers are prohibited from engaging in unfair or deceptive trade practices, this does not stop some unscrupulous companies. As an experienced Conway life insurance lawyer, we provide the professional legal representation you need when insurers engage in the following:

  • Misrepresenting the terms of life insurance policies;
  • Disputing the total amount of benefits you are owed;
  • Requesting needless amounts of information, which can delay settling your claim;
  • Denying your claim due to hidden terms or excessive policy exclusions.

Get the Life Insurance Benefits You Are Entitled To

Under the Florida Statutes, insurers can face harsh penalties for engaging in bad faith practices. However, these companies typically have teams of attorneys on their side, defending them. To protect yourself, get our experienced Conway life insurance lawyer on yours.

While you focus on your family during this difficult time, Israoui Law focuses on getting you the life insurance benefits you deserve. Actions we can take on your behalf include:

  • Thoroughly review the terms of your policy;
  • Review all correspondence you have received from the insurer;
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death;
  • Gather medical records, police statements, and other evidence in your case;
  • Negotiate with insurers on your behalf and take them to court if they continue to deny your benefits.

Call Us for Assistance with Your Case

When dealing with the death of a loved one, it is important to know you are not alone. Israoui Law is a strong ally to have on your side and can help you get the life insurance benefits you deserve. To request a free consultation, call or contact our Conway life insurance lawyer online today.

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