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Winter Park Boat Accident Lawyer

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, it comes as no surprise that Florida is one of the most popular destinations for boating in the country. With a relatively mild year-round climate, you’ll find people out enjoying Florida’s waterways every day of the year. That means a significant amount of boat traffic, including cruise ships, fishing charters, private boats, and even casino boats. When you add in personal watercraft, it’s easy to see why Florida ranks high in boating accidents.

Common Causes of Florida Boating Accidents

Although the increase in boat traffic means a higher risk of getting into an accident, it doesn’t mean that negligent parties shouldn’t be held accountable. Numerous factors can contribute to boating accidents, including adverse weather conditions. Inexperienced boaters may strike a sandbar or a channel marker when they have low visibility, injuring the passengers onboard.

In most cases, accidents are caused by boaters who are distracted by people or things onboard. Understandably, people want to take their friends and family out for a fun day on the water. However, the operator must stay focused to keep everyone safe.

Boaters who are drinking while operating a boat endanger their passengers as well as other boaters. This risk applies to those on personal watercraft as well. You shouldn’t be drinking and then hop on a Jet Ski and head out. Boating accidents that involve alcohol may result in severe or catastrophic injuries.

A smaller percentage of accidents occur due to a malfunction of defective boat products. Onboard electric problems can lead to fires, for example.

Recovering Damages in a Florida Boating Accident

Every year, hundreds of people suffer severe injuries or lose a family member due to a boating accident. Victims are left with expensive medical bills, rehabilitation costs, medication expenses, and usually a significant amount of time off work. Their inability to work can lead to further financial disaster. Many victims struggle with regular daily activities and may have permanent damage and residual pain for the rest of their lives.

Recovering damages for boating accidents differs from other types of personal injury claims. Different laws apply to boaters. Because there are different territorial rights to waters, federal maritime laws may apply in some boating accident claims. Pursuing a boating accident requires a Winter Park boat accident lawyer with the right experience. You need someone representing you who understands the various federal and state laws that apply. At Israoui Law, we have years of experience representing clients for injuries sustained in boating accidents, and we understand how these cases work.

Contact a Winter Park Boat Accident Lawyer Today

If you suffered injuries, or a loved one passed away due to injuries sustained in a Winter Park boating accident, let our attorneys help you fight for the compensation you deserve. You may have a right to bring a claim against the operator and owner of the boat. If the accident occurred on a commercial vessel, they have specific liability policies designed to cover passengers. Private boaters usually have a particular boat policy, or there may be coverage through their homeowner’s policy. Let our skilled lawyers help you pursue all possible avenues of coverage.

Contact Israoui Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We never charge for a consultation. In fact, we represent clients on a contingency basis. That means we don’t collect any fees or costs unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Let us protect your rights and fight for fair compensation while you concentrate on your recovery.

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