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Winter Park Government Negligence Lawyer

Pursuing a claim for government negligence is a unique process. It differs in many ways from standard personal injury and liability claims. Government agencies and entities are protected under a sovereign or governmental tort immunity. That allows them to escape liability for any action or failure to act, even though they would’ve been held liable if they acted as a private individual or entity. Given the restrictions on filing a claim for government negligence, you shouldn’t attempt to pursue a claim on your own.

No matter whether you are seeking damages from the city, county, state, or a federal entity, you need an experienced Winter Park government negligence lawyer who can help. At Israoui Law, we have years of experience pursuing government negligence claims. We understand the legal technicalities and time restrictions that must be strictly followed to pursue a claim successfully. We also know about notable exceptions that could lead the government to be held responsible.

Exceptions to Government Negligence Immunity

One of the prime examples of exceptions to government negligence immunity involves auto accidents. If the vehicle is leased or owned by a government entity and is driven by an employee in the course and scope of their job, they could be held liable if they cause an accident. If there are hazardous road conditions, like a construction zone, that is not adequately marked or lit, you could have grounds to bring a claim for injuries and other damages.

As property owners, government entities have a duty to maintain their property to make it safe for those who enter the property. If you are a victim of a slip and fall or trip and fall accident at a public property, you could be entitled to recover compensation. Public property could include state roads, parking lots, county hospitals, sidewalks, municipal facilities, government buildings, etc.

Slip and fall accidents can occur for various reasons, including wet floors, potholes, loose carpets or rugs, uneven floors, low lighting, or a lack of stair railings. If you were injured due to government negligence, you need to speak with an experienced Winter Park government negligence lawyer right away.

Pursuing a Claim for Government Negligence in Florida

If you don’t follow the strict rules for pursuing a claim against the government, it will be denied. You don’t have a lot of time to pursue a claim either. For example, you must file a notice of claim in writing with some agencies right away. If you don’t file the notice with the right agency and the Department of Financial Services, they will likely refuse the claim. Also, there are limits to how much you can recover and where the case must be filed if it goes to court.

It would be best if you spoke with an experienced Winter Park government negligence lawyer before speaking with any investigators or claims adjusters, signing any documentation, or agreeing to a settlement. Your attorney will protect your rights and the ability to recover compensation.

If you or a loved one were injured due to government negligence, contact Israoui Law to learn how we can help. We offer free, no-obligation initial consultations, so it costs you nothing to meet with us and determine whether you can pursue a valid claim for government negligence. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you won’t pay any fees or costs unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Let us handle the stressful claims process while you concentrate on your recovery.

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