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Winter Park Premises Liability Lawyer

Business and property owners have a legal duty to maintain their premises and keep it reasonably safe for visitors. If they don’t and someone is injured, the victim could bring a premises liability claim. The legal practice area of premises liability deals with injuries caused by dangerous conditions on a property or careless maintenance. Property owners and/or managers can be held liable for the victim’s damages if they don’t warn tenants and visitors of any hazards on their property or take the necessary steps to make it safe or invited visitors. If you believe you have a valid premises liability claim, contact a Winter Park premises liability lawyer.

What is Premises Liability?

Florida law holds all property owners accountable, including businesses, private homeowners, and apartment complex owners. Premises liability laws also apply to public areas, like sidewalks and parking lots. These claims are typically very complex. You don’t want to attempt to take on the property insurance company that will take advantage of your inexperience and lack of legal knowledge. At Irsaoui Law, we have years of experience representing clients for all types of injury claims, including premises liability accidents.

Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

One of the most common premises liability claims is a slip and fall. Imagine walking into a grocery store with wet floors or uneven surfaces, and you suddenly fall. Or, you leave the store and fall in the parking lot due to poor lighting.

If that parking lot is dark and lacks proper security measures, it could attract criminal activity. If you are attacked in the parking lot while walking to your car, you might have a premises liability claim. Claims for negligent security are civil claims and involve financial compensation. Any criminal charges against the offender are separate. Some people mistakenly assume criminal and civil cases are the same. The criminal case is prosecuted by the state and will likely result in incarceration and possibly restitution. You can still bring a civil claim for damages, even if the offender is acquitted of all charges.

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If you have been involved in a premises liability accident, you need to report the incident right away and seek treatment. You should avoid talking to any investigators or the owner’s insurance company without legal representation. Do not give a recorded statement, sign any documents, or accept a settlement without speaking to a Winter Park premises liability lawyer first. Your injuries may have long-term consequences, and the insurance company won’t take those into account when offering you compensation. Their goal is to resolve the case as quickly as possible, so they do not have to pay for your future treatment. If you sign a release of all claims and later discover you need surgery for your injuries, you cannot go back to the insurance company and demand more money.

Contact an Experienced Winter Park Premises Liability Lawyer

It’s crucial to have someone protecting your rights in a premises liability claim. Insurance companies’ adjusters will tell you they have your best interests in mind, but they never do. Their top priority is to save the company money. If you need assistance with pursuing a premises liability claim in Winter Park, contact Israoui Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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