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Who To Talk To When An Orlando Lawyer Turns Down Your Injury Case


Seeking legal representation is an essential step towards obtaining a full and fair compensation settlement following a Florida car, truck and motorcycle accident. But what if you have a conversation with a lawyer only to have them turn down your injury case? When this happens, take a moment to review the reasons behind the attorney’s decision. Then, you can navigate the next steps effectively.

It is important to recognize that talking to a different Orlando personal injury attorney is a way to connect with a fresh perspective and approach to your case. They might see opportunities or legal angles that the previous lawyer did not.

Reasons an Attorney May Decline Your Case

There are a range of reasons why a legal professional may decline an opportunity.

  • Resource constraints. As is true in any profession, each office and firm has limits on their workload and resources. Because of this, if a law firm is overwhelmed with existing cases, they may not have the bandwidth to give new cases the attention they deserve, leading to a decision to decline taking on new clients, at least temporarily.
  • Conflicts of interests. Attorneys have ethical obligations to not engage in relationships that carry a conflict of interest. So if a firm is already representing a party involved in your dispute or if there are other potential conflicts, they may ethically decline to take on your case.
  • Not their area of specialization. There are many types of law, and an attorney that specializes in employment law or election law may not be equipped to take on the intricacies of a personal injury case.

If your case has been turned down, realize that you are not alone. This does happen from time to time. Instead of being discouraged, consult with another attorney. Lawyers have different perspectives on the viability of cases, so pursuing a second opinion can provide you with clarity.

Talk to Lawyers with Specialized Expertise

As you move to connect with another legal professional, seek a lawyer with specialized expertise in the type of claim you are interested in filing. Specialization can be a way to find the right match because a lawyer who has experience building claims for individuals that have sustained the same type of injury may be more inclined to take on your case.

Once you make an appointment with another Orlando personal injury attorney, be sure to bring all relevant details about your case to an initial meeting. Comprehensive information helps the attorney accurately assess the merits of your case and will allow you to have a productive conversation right away. It’s possible there are aspects of the case that the previous lawyer overlooked.

Were you talking to an attorney who then informed you they would not be taking your case? One lawyer declining your case doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Persist in seeking legal advice until you find an attorney who is willing to advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. Meet with the attorneys at Israoui Law for the personal attention you deserve. Call 407-381-4529.  Always speak to a top Orlando accident injury lawyer before speaking to any insurance company.

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