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Cameras Provide Visual Evidence


Obtaining visual evidence is a way to build a strong personal injury case. Because of this, cameras often play a pivotal role in a person accessing documentation.

There are different types of cameras that can capture a car accident in Florida, including traffic cameras, local business surveillance cameras, and dash cams. If you aren’t sure how to obtain visual documentation, talk to a dedicated Orlando personal injury attorney.

Types of Cameras Capturing Car Accidents

Visual evidence can be instrumental in seeking financial relief, this is because visuals like camera footage can help establish key factors of the case, such as negligence, causation, and damages. This evidence can be particularly impactful in cases where fault is disputed or liability is unclear. Some of the cameras that may have footage to fortify your claim include the following.

  • Traffic cameras. Positioned at intersections and high-traffic areas, traffic cameras provide a broad view of road activities. Footage from traffic cameras can offer objective evidence, helping to establish liability, and your attorney can request footage from traffic control agencies that oversee camera management.
  • Business surveillance cameras. Many businesses in Florida utilize surveillance cameras for security purposes, and some of these cameras inadvertently capture collisions. This footage can corroborating the details of the accident provided by an injured party.
  • Dash cams. Mounted in vehicles, dash cams record the driver’s perspective while on the road. In the event of a car accident, dash cam footage can provide the actions of both drivers leading up to the collision. This footage can be important because it is often considered unbiased, as it reflects the actual events without subjective interpretation.

Because skilled injury lawyers understand the importance of evidence, as soon as you connect with a legal team they will begin a prompt investigation. Then, they can collect and preserve any available visual evidence before it is lost or overwritten.

Law Enforcement Collaboration and Legal Requests

An initial move injury lawyers can take to access traffic camera footage is to collaborate with law enforcement agencies. With ongoing communication, a legal team can move to access official recordings from traffic cameras. Once they have the footage, they can leverage it effectively in order to pursue damage recovery.

Additionally, lawyers can issue subpoenas and legal requests to obtain surveillance footage from businesses or public entities. Working in a timely manner means businesses can be contacted before they record over or erase valuable footage.

You don’t have to try and get ahold of camera footage on your own. An Orlando personal injury attorney is familiar with all the forms of evidence that can strengthen your claim, including how cameras serve as invaluable tools for capturing visual evidence of car accidents.

Have you been receiving bill after bill connected to your accident-related injury? If so, you may benefit from securing visual evidence to argue your need for compensation. Discuss your case with the talented attorneys at Israoui Law. Seasoned lawyers are available to pursue financial relief for injured parties while they focus on their recovery. Call 407-381-4529 today for the personal attention you deserve.  Always speak to a top Orlando accident injury lawyer before speaking to any insurance company.

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