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Common Mistakes Accident Victims Make When Pursuing PIP Recovery


Seeking Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a way many Florida accident victims pay for expenses. Designed to provide coverage for medical costs and lost wages, PIP is a welcome path to financial relief without having to take legal action. To smooth the recovery process, avoid common PIP mistakes that can jeopardize the possibility of securing compensation.

To maximize your car accident monetary settlement, have an Orlando personal injury attorney review the details of your case. Always speak to an experienced accident attorney before speaking to any insurance company. Skilled lawyers can help you navigate the PIP claims process  and discuss the availability of other funds, when applicable. Legal professionals have the skills to pursue your accident recovery with confidence, and they can increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

Delaying Medical Treatment and Failing to Document Injuries

Some individuals underestimate the severity of their injuries or hope that their injury pain will subside and the issue will heal on its own, but delaying medical care not only jeopardizes your health but could also weaken your PIP claim. Insurance companies could use your delay in seeking treatment as an argument that the injuries you sustained were not serious. Seeing a doctor or other licensed healthcare professional within the set 14-day PIP rule is essential.

Additionally, accident victims often forget to thoroughly document their injuries and medical treatments. Take photographs of your injuries, if visible, and keep copies of medical bills and receipts. Keeping records of all medical appointments, diagnoses, treatments, and prescriptions can reinforce your need for PIP recovery as well.

Providing Inconsistent Statements and Quick Settlements

When dealing with insurance claims, you need to be consistent to fortify your claim. Providing inconsistent information about the accident, your injuries, or medical treatments, raises doubts about the validity of your case. Many insurance adjusters scrutinize statements and records for discrepancies. If they are found, these inconsistencies can be used against you during the PIP recovery process.  This is one of many reasons why speaking to an experienced accident attorney before speaking to any insurance company is advisable.

It is also true that insurance companies may offer quick settlements to resolve claims swiftly. There are benefits to this, it is convenient for the recipient and allows the insurance company to close the case. That said, accepting a premature settlement without fully understanding the extent of your injuries and future medical needs is a costly mistake for Florida traffic accident victims. It is important to recognize that if your injuries worsen over time or unforeseen complications arise, you may incur additional medical expenses or lost wages.

Prompt medical attention, documentation, consistency, and legal advice could be the difference between a lowball offer and securing a full settlement. Consult with an Orlando personal injury attorney to learn more.

Could learning about common PIP filing mistakes help you to avoid recovery pitfalls? The lawyers at Israoui Law have the skills to assess the true value of your claim and work to ensure you connect with the compensation you need, through PIP or other settlement avenues. Call 407-381-4529 for the personal attention you deserve.

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