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A Spinal Stenosis Diagnosis After An Orlando Car Accident


Some injuries are immediately apparent after a car crash, but others may not manifest until days, weeks, or even months after the accident. For instance, back issues, such as spinal stenosis can develop over time.

If your doctor has recently brought up the possibility of a spinal stenosis diagnosis and you believe it is a post-accident condition, discuss your situation with an Orlando personal injury attorney. Seasoned lawyers are familiar with an array of medical conditions and understand how these conditions can be related to car accidents. An attorney will fight for your need for financial recovery in order to secure the healthcare you need to heal.

How Car Accidents Can Lead to Spinal Stenosis

A medical condition typically characterized by the narrowing of the spaces within the spine, spinal stenosis can result in compression of the spinal cord and nerves. Pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling can occur. Often spinal stenosis is a result of age-related degeneration or arthritis, but it is also possible in connection with a traumatic injury, such as a car accident.

Some collision injuries that could include a spinal stenosis determination include the following.

  • The sudden and forceful jerking motion of the head and neck during a Florida car crash can cause whiplash. While it is true that many whiplash injuries are associated with neck pain, there are some that can lead to spinal stenosis. Trauma to the spine can result in the development or worsening of existing spinal conditions.
  • Disc harm. Car accidents can cause harm to spinal discs, including herniated discs and bulging discs, which can lead to spinal stenosis. Because when a harmed disc compresses the spinal cord or nerves, the narrowing of the spinal canal can create further health concerns.
  • Undiagnosed injuries. Car accident injuries involving the spine are not always readily apparent. It may take time for symptoms to surface, and a person may then delay seeking treatment. By the time the individual sees a licensed healthcare provider, the underlying condition may have progressed to spinal stenosis.
  • Pre-existing degenerative changes. If there were pre-existing degenerative changes to your spine, a traumatic event could exacerbate the issue. So a car accident may make you more susceptible to developing spinal stenosis.

As soon as you are aware of spinal harm, know that an injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your car accident and work to establish liability, which is often crucial for pursuing compensation.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, particularly if your medical condition was slow to show. An adjuster may try to minimize or deny your claim, but a skilled Orlando personal injury attorney will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Always speak to an experienced Orlando auto accident lawyer before speaking to any insurance company.

Did you recently receive a spinal stenosis diagnosis but time has passed since your Florida car crash? Seeking legal representation from an experienced Orlando injury lawyer is essential to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Talk to the attorneys at Israoui Law. For the personal attention you deserve, call 407-381-4529.

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