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The Ins And Outs Of Pre-Suit Demands


In Orlando, traffic congestion is a daily occurrence, and with so many cars on the roadways collisions are unfortunately all too common. Whether it’s a fender bender on Interstate 4 or a more serious collision on Colonial Drive, dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses in the aftermath of an accident can be stressful.

Connect with an Orlando personal injury attorney if you are overwhelmed by the possibility of filing an injury claim. An attorney can guide you through the complexities of seeking compensation for accident injuries and losses, including crafting a pre-suit demand and working through the negotiations that follow.

What Is a Pre-Suit Demand?

A pre-suit demand is a formal letter sent by your attorney to the at-fault party or their insurance company. The document is delivered before a lawsuit is filed. Essentially, the letter outlines the details of the accident, the injuries sustained, the damages suffered, wage loss, etc, as well as includes the amount that you are demanding for compensation. It gives the opposing party an opportunity to settle the matter outside of court, serving as a precursor to litigation.

Not every car accident injury will lead to a person needing a pre-suit demand, but there are several reasons why a pre-suit demand may be necessary.

  • A pre-suit demand letter demonstrates to the other party that you are serious about seeking compensation for your injuries.
  • The communication puts them on notice that you are prepared to take legal action if a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation.
  • Demand letters allow both parties to exchange information and assess the strength of their respective cases, potentially leading to a quicker resolution without the need for costly and sometimes uncertain

The timing of a pre-suit demand letter is unique to each circumstance. A full picture of your recovery will be necessary to achieve a full and fair settlement. So, you will want the letter to not only include your current medical care and treatments received, but also any upcoming or ongoing care or rehabilitation that will be required.

Your pre-suit demand letter could also include information about lost wages for time missed from work due to injury. Some injured individuals outline that their future earning capacity has been diminished as a result of the accident.

Are You Juggling Accident Expenses?

If you need monetary relief for medical fees and lost income following a traffic accident, talk to an Orlando personal injury attorney about avenues for financial assistance. A lawyer can talk to you about negotiating with healthcare providers to reduce medical bills and drafting a pre-suit demand letter to hold a responsible party accountable. You should always speak to an experienced personal injury attorney before speaking to any insurance company.

Are you interested in asking an insurance company for compensation but you aren’t sure how to begin the process? With the help of an experienced traffic accident attorney, you can seek the compensation you deserve. From writing pre-suit demands to negotiating settlements and pursuing litigation, the attorneys at Israoui Law will advocate for you every step of the way, ensuring that your rights are protected and justice is served. For the personal attention you deserve, call 407-381-4529.

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