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Attorney Fees And Costs In FL Injury Claims


When an injured party decides to move forward with a personal injury claim or lawsuit, they are often doing so to access the funds they need to pay off past accident expenses and get the medical care they need in the future. If this is true for you, you may be crunching the numbers and wondering how legal fees and costs will be handled when you retain an attorney.  Attorney fees are handled on a contingency fee basis as required by Florida law.  Costs are separate and depends on the nature and complexity of the case.  Attorney fees and costs are not paid up front by the client and are only paid if the attorney is successful in winning your case.

It is important to recognize that not every case is the same. Some cases lead to more costs because they are incredibly complex while others are clear cut and resolve quickly. Thankfully, you don’t have to go into the process blind. Simply bring all the details of your accident injury to the attention of an Orlando personal injury lawyer and ask for their assessment of how much your claim is worth and how legal fees and costs will be handled.

Extensive Research and Expert Fees

Cases that require a lot of research or expert witness statements will likely carry more costs. But the costs are not out-of-pocket expenses for you, as the injured party. Typically, your lawyer will deduct any attorney fees and costs from your final total settlement amount or verdict and you will be aware of this happening, not surprised by an unexpected deduction. Some costs that could be accrued:

  • Expert witness fees.
  • Costs for obtaining depositions, reports, and transcripts.
  • Fees connected to research and investigation.
  • Medical records.
  • Court filing fees.

The types of expert testimony required, and if those experts have a lot of experience, will impact final costs. For example, if there is a medical specialist that can supply a forecast of future therapy needs, that could be an important piece of documentation for accessing funds for future care. That said, medical specialists are often well compensated for their time.

Work with a Personal Injury Professional

There are many areas of law, and it is possible a lawyer who is trained in another area of specialization will offer to take on your personal injury case. But if you were injured in a car crash or motorcycle collision, you want to work with an attorney who has had successful outcomes in cases similar to your own.

It is common for Orlando personal injury lawyers to be compensated through contingency fees, meaning they get paid out of your settlement. This means you can get the expertise and specialized knowledge you need without having to put up any money upfront.

When you retain a lawyer, they are working to secure the best outcome for you. For that reason, do not be shy about asking questions and getting all the answers you need to move forward with confidence. Contact the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Israoui Law when you are ready to get started. Our skilled Florida personal injury lawyers will assess your situation, determine the worth of your claim, and fight for the financial relief you need to move past an injurious event. To protect your financial future, call 407-381-4529. Turn to Israoui Law for the personal attention you deserve.

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