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Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Orlando Personal Injury Case


Seeking medical treatment after a car, motorcyle or truck accident or any other personal injury incident is one of the most important steps a victim can take to establish a personal injury case. Sometimes, choosing the form of treatment, by way of a medical professional, doctor, or clinic is not as easy as it seems.

Personal Injury Victims Should Seek Immediate and Appropriate Medical Attention

Personal injury accidents can sometimes cause extreme injuries to a victim’s body. An accident victim should seek medical attention immediately.  This includes presenting to a local hospital emergency room either directly from the scene of the accident or a short time after the accident. It is important to be able to accurately assess the extent of the victim’s injuries and document the injuries related to the accident.  Many victim’s commit the mistake of waiting to visit with their regular primary care physician (PCP) for treatment and evaluation of their injuries from the accident. The PCP may not be able to render the necessary treatment and most are not even willing to see accident victims. However, the PCP’s records sometimes assist in providing a history of the victim’s medical condition prior to the accident and can come into play during the evaluation of the personal injury case.

For extreme or significant injuries, victims should see a medical specialist. They do not need a referral to consult with a specialist.  For instance, if a victim receives back or neck injuries as a result of a car accident, the victim should see a nuerosurgeon or orthopedic specialist.  Such specialists are  familiar with the victim’s area of injuries, will have a clear understanding of what type of treatment is necessary, and what future treatment may be required.

The Medical Specialist Can Testify on Your Behalf

A benefit of using the right medical specialist is the specialist’s legal testimony. The specialist can testify on the victim’s behalf as to the level of injuries and how they affect the victim’s body.  The medical specialist’s testimony will combat the insurance company’s tactic to discredit the victim’s injuries by saying that the injuries are false or minor. The insurance company will even attempt to challenge the experience, lack of specialization and knowledge of the medical specialist. This is why it’s important for the victim to choose the right specialist that is familiar with the victim’s injuries.

Choosing the Right Doctor or Specialist

To choose the right specialist, the victim should review the doctor’s education, specialty areas, reviews and complaints as well. Victims should also take the time to discover whether the doctor has obtained any certifications such as board certification in areas relevant to the victim’s case. To verify whether a doctor is licensed and has had any disciplinary actions, the Florida Board of Medicine is a helpful resource that allows individuals to lookup licensing information for doctors. An experienced accident attorney can also assist the victim in selecting the the correct doctors to treat the victim’s injuries.

Call Israoui Law, Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers for Help with Your Case

Finding a reliable and experienced Orlando personal injury attorney is a must for victims seeking to protect and fight for their rights. For a complimentary consultation, contact the Orlando personal injury lawyers at Israoui Law at 407-381-4529.  We will make sure your case is handled with quality and care and work to make sure you receive just compensation.

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