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Things To Know About Independent Medical Examinations


Getting your life back on track after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident can be challenging, especially when healing from injuries. On top of physical pain, you may be coping with terminology that is unfamiliar to you as you move to access financial resources. For example, your insurance company may request an Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) as permitted by Florida law. It is important to know that this examination is not really independent. Your insurance company hires a doctor to render opinions that are not usually favorable to you in order to avoid having to pay any additional personal injury protection (PIP) benefits under Florida’s No-Fault law.

Before attending an IME appointment, be sure you fully understand what these examinations are and why they are involved in injury claims. Speak to a skilled Orlando personal injury attorney to learn more about the independent healthcare review process. You should always speak to an experienced personal injury attorney before speaking to any insurance company.

When are IMEs Involved in Florida Injury Claims?

IMEs are medical assessments conducted by a third-party. Typically, these exams are requested by insurance companies, employers, or legal entities to evaluate the extent of injuries sustained in accidents. The primary purpose of an IME is to provide a medical opinion regarding the claimant’s injuries, their causation, and the necessary medical treatments.

When injury claims arise following a traffic accident, insurance companies may request an IME as an excuse to verify the legitimacy and severity of injuries claimed by the person pursuing damages. The ultimate motivating factor for this IME is an effort by the insurance company to deny or limit the payment of benefits under the insurance policy.

Generally, what will happen at an IME appointment is the examinee will meet with a physician chosen by the opposing party or insurance company, who will review medical records and conduct a physical assessment. But even though the process appears clearcut, before attending an IME individuals should consult with an injury lawyer. An attorney has experience preparing clients on what to expect and addressing any concerns about potential bias within an IME report.

When Should an Attorney Suggest an Independent Review?

It is also important to recognize that IMEs aren’t always recommended by insurance companies. There are instances where an attorney may pursue an independent medical review. If a lawyer has concerns about the size of an offer or the documentation being used to develop a settlement package, an attorney may suggest seeking an additional opinion from an impartial medical professional.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the professionals involved in your accident claim is normal. There are legal experts who can guide you through the process and discuss with you the possibility of seeing another healthcare professional in order for you to access a fair recovery.

Consulting with an Orlando personal injury is a way to understand the IME process, ensure a third-party healthcare professional will give an unbiased account, and determine what level of financial relief is necessary for you to move forward.

Have you been asked to undergo an independent healthcare review? Before following a series of appointments put in place by an insurance adjuster, share the details of your case with the talented attorneys at Israoui Law. Seasoned lawyers are available to protect your rights and interests throughout the claims process. Call 407-381-4529 today for the personal attention you deserve.

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