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What If I Want A Personal Injury Deadline Extension?


Statutes of limitation deadlines apply to Florida personal injury cases. Exceptions are rare and are not guaranteed. For this reason, moving forward with your need for recovery after a car accident, motorcycle crash, or truck collision as soon as possible is advised. Speaking with an Orlando personal injury lawyer without delay is a proactive way to be sure all filing deadlines are followed and you have an air-tight argument in place to achieve your objectives. The sooner you get an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, the sooner they can start gathering the necessary evidence, which sometimes is destroyed or disappears with time.

While not everyone needs to hire an attorney in order to secure compensation, a legal professional can guide you through the process. Also, a higher recovery compensation amount could be in reach when you hire an attorney with a full understanding of Florida personal injury law.

Bodily Injury and Four Year Statute of Limitations

Each state in the US has its own statute of limitations connected to personal injury. In the state of Florida, personal injury claims that involve bodily injury have a statute of limitations of four years. So, after an accident, you have four years from that date to file a lawsuit. If you miss that deadline, you are barred from filing unless you qualify for an exception or extension.

Circumstances that could lead to an exception:

  • Injured party had difficulty filing due to cognitive or physical issues.
  • Liable party fled the state or is hiding in Florida so can’t be held accountable within the set timeframe.
  • Harm sustained when the party was a minor, freezing the limitation deadline until they are legally an adult.
  • Delayed symptoms of injury or illness.

Also, if your case has factors beyond a personal injury claim, other deadlines may be part of the recovery process. For example, claims against the State of Florida require that a proper notice be sent before being able to file a lawsuit and the statute of limitations can be different for state entities.  So, if you were injured in a traffic accident and received inadequate care after sustaining an injury, speak to an attorney about the possibility of multiple claims with different deadlines and timetables. You do not have to learn all of the intricacies of Florida personal injury law on your own, experts will support you throughout the process.

Assessing Worth and Adhering to Deadlines

When you meet with an Orlando personal injury lawyer, they will assess the information about your injury, such as evidence you have currently gathered and what could be garnered through investigation, and then they will provide you with an idea of how much your claim could be worth. They will also determine which deadlines apply to your circumstance. Then, you can follow your action steps with confidence, knowing all you can do to build a solid personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Have you sustained an injury and believe you qualify for a personal injury deadline extension? Speaking with a skilled Florida attorney who has worked on cases similar to yours means you will have expertise on your side. Gather all of your questions and bring them to your free consultation with the accident attorneys at Israoui Law. There are filing deadlines and legal action timelines to follow, your attorney can guide you through the process. Always speak to an experienced accident attorney before speaking to any insurance company. Call Israoui Law at 407-381-4529 for the personal attention you deserve.

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