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Drivers Rubberneck at Orlando Accident Sites


After a Florida car accident, it is not uncommon for drivers to slow down or stop. They may be trying to determine what happened. While they might think there is no harm in this, the truth is rubbernecking at an accident site is a form of distracted driving. It can lead to further collisions and create issues for emergency vehicles who are trying to get to the scene of the accident without delay.

If you have been in an accident that involved distracted driving, contact the Orlando car accident lawyers at Israoui Law. Physical injuries and financial troubles can follow collisions, the Orlando car accident lawyers at Israoui Law can help you receive fair compensation for your car accident injuries.

Rubbernecking Can Lead to Additional Collisions

When someone is paying attention to something outside of their car, they are not focused on the task of driving. Because of this, there are rear-end accidents that occur when people are rubbernecking. It is all too common that while looking at an accident a driver causes another accident when they hit the car in front of them. Rear-end collisions can cause a lot of damage.

People are naturally curious, when they look at an accident scene they may be genuinely concerned. Some may even consider stopping to help. While it is normal for people to try and look out for others, the best thing you can do when you are on the road is pay attention and drive safely. Avoiding the urge to rubberneck is a way to reduce the odds of another accident occurring.

Dangers of Rubbernecking Have Been Noticed by Law Enforcement

When there is a collision, first responders need access to the location. Ambulances will need to get to the scene if there are injuries and law enforcement will need to get to the site to assess the damage. When rubbernecking is severe, traffic slows or stops and emergency workers are unable to get through. You could be creating a barrier to someone getting help. Sometimes, law enforcement even puts up visual barriers to avoid the problem. If you have been in one of these multiple-car collisions associated with rubbernecking in Florida, contact the Orlando car accident lawyers at Israoui Law.

There are many driving distractions, including things happening inside and outside of the vehicle. In situations where there is trouble on the side of the road, particularly because it is the aftermath of a collision, you may be tempted to rubberneck. Instead, remind yourself the best course of action is to focus on driving safely yourself.

Discuss Your Car Accident with an Orlando Attorney Today

Car accidents due to rubbernecking and other forms of distracted driving can require doctor visits and extensive car repairs. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Israoui Law at 407-381-4529. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with all of the details associated with car accidents and how to secure compensation. At Israoui Law, personal attention matters.

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