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Reporting Dog Bites & Animal Attacks in Orlando


Dog bites and animal attacks are scary and can leave people with serious injuries. Sometimes, in the act of friendliness to neighbors, victims do not take action. But in Florida, the owner of the dog is strictly liable for the injuries the dog causes. To begin the process of enforcing rights surrounding the dog attack and bite, the most important step a victim can take is reporting the event to the proper authorities.

How to Report the Dog Bite and Attack

Reporting the incident helps to document the incident in case the victim wishes to pursue legal action.

To report a dog bite and attack in Orlando, victims should contact the Orange County Animal Control.

According to Orange County Animal Control, many times the problems Floridians experience with animals stem from issues with dogs. Dogs are the most common nuisance.

You are encouraged to call the Orange County animal control at 407-836-3111 with the following issues:

  • Dangerous dog roaming free throughout your neighborhood
  • Aggressive or vicious dogs
  • Lost dogs

Once you call animal control, an investigation will be launched. Animal control will follow up with the owner and check the dog’s records. Then, animal control will generate a report and sometimes provide you with a copy.

In the event animal control does not give you a copy of the report, you should send what’s known as a public record request to Orange County or have your Orlando dog bite lawyer send the public record request on your behalf.

Florida Law on Dog Bites and Attack

Florida law tells us the owner is liable for damages suffered by the victim. This means the owner of the dog is responsible for your injuries. The law comes with some exceptions. To review the exceptions, review our article on dog attack victims rights in Orlando.

Florida has two primary dog bite laws. They include the following:

  • Liability
  • Negligence

In a liability claim, the owner is responsible for the injuries their dog caused in public areas or injuries to people on private property.

In a negligence claim, the owner is responsible for a victim’s injury if the duty of care is breached. For example, the owner has the obligation of securing the dog safely. The owner has breached his or her duty of care when the dog roams free and participates in behavior unattended.

Ways to Survive a Dog Bite and Attack

An article in Click Orlando explains how to survive a dog attack. Some of the tips include the following:

  • Beware of body language
  • Stay calm
  • Don’t make matters worse by running

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If you or someone you know is the victim of a dog bite and animal attack, contact the Orlando dog bite lawyers at Israoui Law.  We are dedicated to representing the injured and work side by side with you to ease your burdens.  Give us a call at 407-381-4529 for a free case evaluation. At Israoui Law, personal attention matters.



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