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Crashes And Low-Light Vision Issues


When people age, their vision often changes. It is common for older drivers to not be able to see as well as they could when they were younger. For example, if a person develops cataracts, their ability to see in low-light conditions diminishes. Additionally, their vision may be blurred or they could experience a halo effect around illuminated objects. Because cataracts develop over time, it is possible for an individual to not realize their vision is deteriorating.

Even if you are careful when you are driving at night in Florida, the reality is you can’t control the abilities or behaviors of other drivers. If another driver was unable to see clearly and struck your vehicle, it is possible you are juggling multiple accident bills. To explore your damage recovery options, connect with Orlando car accident lawyer. 

Steps to Take to Protect Yourself When Driving at NIght 

Of course, many people do not avoid nighttime driving. Work night shifts are common and individuals and families often go out after dark to go out to eat or spend time with friends and family. But when driving at night, be sure to follow safe practices and recognize that you could be temporarily blinded by glare due to headlights of other vehicles. 

Important safety steps to keep in mind if you frequently drive at night:

  • Be sure headlights are aimed properly and are clean.
  • Reduce level of dashboard lights, if needed.
  • Make speed changes when visibility is low.
  • Do not look into the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

And when it comes to headlights, remember the amount of space headlights illuminate is far smaller than you can see during daylight hours. High beams are typically designed to light up about 500 feet, headlights on a standard setting reach approximately 250 feet.

It is also advised to have your eyes checked regularly as you age. This is part of being a responsible driver, just as conscientious drivers follow the rules and obey signs and signals. When people age, vision ability can diminish and low-light conditions can become more challenging to drive in, some report glare also becoming more distracting when age-related eye issues develop.

Compensation for Accidents Caused by Low-Light Conditions

If you have bills and/or missed time from work due to an accident involving low-light conditions, you could be eligible for compensation. Even if a driver blames low-light conditions for an accident, they still could be held liable. Connect with an Orlando car accident lawyer if you are managing property damage fees, personal injury expenses, and lost wages.

Were you hurt when a person with vision issues struck your vehicle? A seasoned Florida lawyer knows how to secure the damage compensation you need to move past the event. If a settlement agreement has been offered to you, connect with the qualified personal injury attorneys at Israoui Law before speaking to any insurance company or agreeing to an y settlement amount. Our skilled legal team may be able to get you a better offer. Schedule a no-cost consultation today, call 407-381-4529.

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