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Driving Too Slow And Orlando Accidents


Slow drivers disrupt traffic flow and can be a danger on Florida roadways. There are many different reasons why people drive too slow, one of them is tourists who are unfamiliar with the area or are moving slowly to take in the sights. With world class theme parks, nature experiences, and plenty of shopping and dining options, Orlando has many, many visitors every year.

If you were struck by a slow driver who insists they were only being cautious and not creating a danger, you may be unsure of your eligibility for financial compensation. Connect with a legal expert before taking the word of a negligent driver. An Orlando car accident lawyer will look over all of your documentation and inform you of possible paths to damage recovery.

Being Fearful Also Leads to Slow Driving 

Drivers also slow down when they are fearful, but in doing so they may not realize they are impeding traffic and can actually be an accident risk themselves. Some of the reasons why drivers are fearful include the following:

  • Drivers who do not know the streets and struggle with traffic flow.
  • Older individuals who do not like to travel at fast speeds.
  • A driver who doesn’t have a lot of experience behind the wheel.
  • People with vision problems that make it difficult to see or have trouble with peripheral vision.

While the risks of slow drivers are real, it is also important to note that other drivers have a responsibility to behave responsibly as well.

Aggressive Driving Around Slow Drivers and Tailgating 

You are not permitted to drive aggressively when confronted with a slow driver. Similarly, you should give other drivers, traveling at any speed, plenty of room. Tailgating or aggressively passing a slow driver while yelling is dangerous. Everyone on the roads need to be patient and act appropriately.

For instance, if you believe a slow driver is causing an accident risk, you could give them space to maneuver and a short blast of your horn to alert them of the hazardous behavior. But driving extremely close, laying on a car horn, and screaming out of your window can only lead to more problems. Aggressive driving is an accident risk in and of itself.

An Orlando car accident lawyer can help you navigate your accident expenses and insurance claim, whether you were driving too fast or the other driver was driving too slow. When the documentation of the event is analyzed, your attorney can inform you of how much your claim is worth and who will be viewed as the at-fault driver. It is possible both you and the other party will carry a level of responsibility.

Do you believe a slow driver is responsible for your accident injury? If you think a settlement offer you’ve received is too low, talk to the personal injury attorneys at Israoui Law about working toward a better offer. A seasoned Florida lawyer can work to secure you compensation while you focus on healing. Schedule a no-cost consultation today, call 407-381-4529.

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