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Lost Income Can Be Part of an Orlando Damage Settlement


If you sustained injuries in an Orlando car accident, you may be unable to work as you heal. Compensation for lost income is possible in the state of Florida. Traumatic events can cause severe injuries, and it is common for victims to need time off after a car collision.

You do not have to struggle with income loss on your own. There are  paths to wage compensation from the person who caused the accident and/or your own insurance company. Connect with an Orlando car accident lawyer to secure income loss as part of your personal injury settlement.

Hourly Wages and Salaried Employees

Calculating lost wages can be done in a couple of ways, depending on how the person seeking compensation is typically paid. For example, when an individual is a salaried employee, their annual income will be assessed. If the choice is to look at their wage by hour to calculate lost income, the annual amount will be divided by 2080, the number of hours a person who is salaried typically works within a year’s time, to create an hourly amount.

Of course, if a person is paid hourly, calculations will be directly made in relation to time lost at work. This means if you are paid a wage of $20 per hour and, due to an injury, you were unable to work five eight-hour days, the total due to you could be $800.

There are times when lost income is not nearly this straightforward, such as when overtime or a bonus period was missed.  An Orlando car accident lawyer can look over your documentation and may be able to maximize your settlement.

Check Stubs, Tax Returns, and Other Forms of Documentation

Documentation is an important part of personal injury claims and cases. Insurance adjusters and the court need to see proof; they are not going to take anyone’s word regarding medical bills and income loss.  The injured party has the legal obligation to prove all aspects of the injury case, including wage loss. Gathering documentation is a way to secure your changes for a financial settlement. Collecting some or all of the following items will likely be needed to pursue lost income.

  • Employer letter about your position (your pay rate, length of service, overtime hours, etc.)
  • Tax returns and statements from financial institutions
  • Paychecks and direct deposit documentation
  • Statements of bonuses or other perks

Whether you are looking to secure lost income for a few weeks of lost work or you are disabled after an Orlando accident and will no longer be able to work at all, an attorney can help. When an individual can’t work again, potential future income may need to be assessed. Future income loss could be part of your settlement.

Are you suffering from income loss as you recover from an Orlando car accident? If you have medical bills and expenses, connect with a legal professional. Contact the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Israoui Law at 407-381-4529. Turn to Israoui Law for the personal attention you deserve.

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