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Orlando Pet Injuries Due to Car Accidents


Pet lovers in Florida often have their animals in the car with them, either for trips to a friend’s house, vacation, pet store, veterinarian, or even in situations when people work in an environment that is pet friendly. But while many dogs love going for a ride in the car, the reality is there can be injuries to animals when there is a car accident. When an animal needs to visit the veterinary office after a car accident, compensation is likely a possibility.

If your pet was in the car when you were in a Florida car accident, talk to a personal injury lawyer about securing compensation. An Orlando car accident lawyer can help.

Ways to Protect Animals When In a Car

Accidents can’t always be avoided, but there are things you can do in order to keep pets protected. Even small changes can help keep pets healthy in the event of a Florida car collision.

  • Keep animals off front seats. Dogs that jump on laps while an owner is driving create real hazards. Distractions are a leading cause of car accidents, and animals can be distracting when they are loose in a vehicle.
  • Buy pet insurance. Many pet owners opt for separate policies covering pet insurance. This can be helpful. With insurance, you will not delay a vet visit because you know the care will be covered. Getting immediate attention in the event of an injury can help an animal to heal.
  • Keep animals restrained. Some animals can be trained to behave well in a car, but restraints also help to avoid injuries. Just as humans wear seatbelts, your dog should, too. There are also professionals who advise crating animals in the back of a vehicle.
  • Don’t leave animals in car. Florida is a hot state. Collisions aren’t the only risk for animals in cars. It is essential animals are not left unattended in hot vehicles. It can be extremely dangerous to an animal’s health.

Deciding Who Will Pay Vet Bills

If you bring a pet to the vet because of injuries in an accident, be sure you keep all of your receipts. It is possible you will be reimbursed, but you will need documentation to prove your damages and be eligible for compensation.

If the other person involved in the collision was the at-fault driver, their insurance policy can pay for the care of your animal’s car accident injuries.  Most insurance policies cover pets because they are considered personal property.  You will need to file a claim or lawsuit to be awarded the financial amount you deserve, and Orlando car accident lawyer can help.  Always talk to an experienced Orlando auto accident attorney before speaking to any insurance company representative.

Do you often drive with your pets? Was your animal injured in a car accident? To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Israoui Law at 407-381-4529. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with all of the details associated with car accidents and how to secure compensation. At Israoui Law, personal attention matters.

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